Buying power in a different way

We use solar systems to generate electricity on your site for your direct consumption. You use the electricity the system generates instead of the electricity from the grid and pay COREnergy a reduced rate for the power.

Proven system used around the world

Since 2006, Solar City USA has provided affordable, renewable electricity to homes and businesses across USA and Mexico with the use of a Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA. Other countries, such as Germany, have also used similar systems for years. At COREnergy, we’re offering this to small and medium businesses in Australia who want to be in control of their power bills. We call it an Evergreen Energy Plan, or EEP.

Evergreen Energy Plan

This is an agreement between a customer (you) and a solar energy provider (us). You benefit by paying a reduced rate for electricity, compared to the traditional way of paying for power, from the grid. We benefit by getting paid for the electricity the solar system generates.

Solar plant designed specially for you

COREnergy will analyse your power bill focusing on the daytime consumption — because that’s when the sun shines — and design a solar generation plant especially for you and your business. We organise the installation and all the connection requirements. Having your own power plant and generating your own energy can save you a lot of money.

No capital outlay, no maintenance hassles

At COREnergy, we own your solar generation plant system and we monitor it daily. There’s no capital outlay for you and you never have to worry about service or maintenance — we take care of it all.

Monthly power bill

Once all network connections are completed, accredited billing agents will generate a monthly bill for the power you have consumed from the system. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

When the sun doesn’t shine

When solar generation is low or non-existent you will still have power. We can only off-set some of the power you use, mainly when the sun shines, so the balance of power (i.e. at night or when it’s a dark, cloudy day or raining) is still supplied from the grid through your traditional energy retailer. So you will never be without power — you’ll just be saving lots of money whenever the sun shines.

Save up to 70% on your power bill

With an Evergreen Energy Plan, COREnergy will off-set more than 70% of your daytime electricity consumption from the grid and replace it with solar energy. With a rate as low as 10 cents per kilowatt hour, this can represent up to 70% off your power bill.