Introducing COREnergy’s General Manager

COREnergy’s Australian operations are headed up by Robert Pedicini. Robert graduated from the University of South Australia in 1989 with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Information Systems.

From air-conditioning sales to business owner

After 2 years as top salesperson for an air-conditioning company, Robert started his own. Over 9 years, he successfully applied what he’d learnt at university in every area of business — human resources, sales and marketing, finance, procurement, business structures, procedures and dealing with a diverse number of people — and sold the company in 2003.

A passion for renewable energy

A greenie at heart, Robert then became involved in the renewable energy sector and attained his Certificate in Renewable Energy. Over the next decade he was involved in a number of successful start-up ventures. The first involved the development of a solar hot water heating system for the Australian and South African markets. Within three years he sold his shares to focus on the Australian renewable energy sector, which was quickly growing in the photovoltaic market.

Successful solar start-up ventures

In 2008 he was involved in the start-up of Sunrise Solar Installers which became a major design and install company for the larger retailers in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Its capacity to install exceeded 100kW per day and turnover exceeded $15million per year. Unfortunately when government rebates were cut, the company was caught in the fallout like so many others, and closed in 2013.

Power to the people

After some restructuring, Robert started up Planet Safe Energy with the intention of paying out Sunrise Solar creditors. But with an shrinking residential market, they made the decision to stop trading and focus on the commercial sector. Sanctus One was the start-up venture for commercial solar Power Purchase Agreements and gained good market share in a short time. The name has now changed to COREnergy — which stands for Creating Our Renewable Energy. Robert firmly believes the future is in clean, green, renewable energy. He is excited to lead a dynamic team keen to make a real difference in the Australian commercial energy market.


Australian businesses pay too much for energy

Back in 2014, the founders of COREnergy realised there was a need for Australian businesses to safeguard themselves from ever-increasing power prices. Power supplies were being disrupted. Power prices were soaring. We looked overseas for inspiration.

Introducing The Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreements had been used successfully for years in places such as Germany and the USA’s Solar City projects. These agreements provided small and medium businesses with power and power savings that had previously only been available to larger corporations. Applying local knowledge and expertise, we designed a power purchase agreement to suit small to medium businesses in Australia.

COREnergy — 100% Renewable Energy Retailer

Using renewable energy to generate electricity, COREnergy can deliver cheaper, cleaner electricity to our customers in Australia. Our organisation has been purpose-built to be flexible and responsive to a challenging and dynamic energy marketplace where the pressure on customers to take control of spiralling power prices has never been so vital to future earnings.

SA, Queensland, NSW and Victoria

With strong financial support from Singapore’s new Head Office, the Australian operations offices in Adelaide, Queensland and soon NSW and Victoria can service thousands of customers. With local offices and employees, our support team is ready to help your business save money.