Power to the people

COREnergy — “Creating Our Renewable Energy” was founded in September 2016 in Adelaide, South Australia. The founder Charles Wong firmly believe the future is in clean, green, renewable energy. He developed an exciting opportunity for business operators to use renewable energy and reduce ever increasing power bills. A dynamic team of people have since joined COREnergy keen to make a real difference in the Australian commercial energy market.


Australian businesses pay too much for energy

Back in 2014, the founders of COREnergy realised there was a need for Australian businesses to safeguard themselves from ever-increasing power prices. Power supplies were being disrupted. Power prices were soaring. We looked overseas for inspiration.

Introducing The Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) had been used successfully for years in places such as Germany and the USA’s Solar City projects. These agreements provided small and medium businesses with power and power savings that had previously only been available to larger corporations. Applying local knowledge and expertise, we designed a power purchase agreement to suit small to medium businesses in Australia.

Our PPA’s are called “Evergreen Energy Plans”

COREnergy — 100% Renewable Energy Retailer

Using renewable energy to generate electricity, COREnergy can deliver cheaper, cleaner electricity to our customers in Australia. Our organisation has been purpose-built to be flexible and responsive to a challenging and dynamic energy marketplace where the pressure on customers to take control of spiralling power prices has never been so vital to future earnings.

SA, Queensland, NSW and Victoria

With strong financial support from Singapore’s new Head Office, the Australian operations offices in Adelaide, Queensland and soon NSW and Victoria can service thousands of customers. With local offices and employees, our support team is ready to help your business save money.